Home Services

We specfically started this business to be different. We want to get you what you need, with the highest quality service we can offer, at a price you can afford without crazy labor fees and upcharges. We take appointments for every hour of every day of the business week for your convenience.

PC Repair

We strive to provide a quick and quality service when it comes to replacing or repairing your computers. We have a range of on hand components like hard drives, solid state drives, ram, CD/DVD drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, and anything else that could fail. We also have many software tools to look for things like registry errors that could increase the time you wait for programs to run and for your computer to boot.

Computer Sales

We offer many options when it comes to PC building and sales. We can provide you with the regular oem computers that you see at other big box stores at the same price they offer the same computers at. We can also help you put together the desktop you really want that does everything you want. We can design computers for everything. Gaming computers, home theater computers, workflow oriented computers, graphic design and rendering, and many other applications.

Home Networking

Lets face it, your wifi could always be better. We have the best products for the home user in mind that would make your wifi speeds nearly perfect. No more internet timeouts. No more waiting five minutes for Facebook or Youtube to load. No more wanting to throw your phone or computer across the room. We also offer hardwire installation with full CAT 5e or CAT 6 cabling and the hardware required to keep it all tip top.

Home Network Storage

Most people have smart TVs these days but only use the netflix app on it. Let us make it better by offering a full line of netowrk attached storage devices for you and your family. These devices can store things like your pictures, home videos, movies that you have legally obtained and much more over your network so you can view them from every mobile device, laptop, desktop, or smart TV that exists in your home. This combined with our top of the line wireless and wired networking devices is the best way to move into the new age of cloud storage and cloud computing.

Commercial Services Available.

We have many options available including off-site backup, managed services, setup of VoIP phone systems, email services, off-site remote desktop hosting and more. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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